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50 Division St., Suite 501 Somerville, NJ 08876       833-256-HALO (4256)


hassle OUT OF

A stress-free maintenance service that safeguards your home from preventable disasters.

Guardian Angels for Your Home

At Halo, we’re passionate about prevention. Here’s what to expect from our trustworthy team of home maintenance experts:

  • A clear schedule. We keep up with the regular maintenance of your home so you don’t have to

  • No more worrying about overlooked details. Our trained eyes know exactly which areas need attention.

  • Reduced risk of expensive repairs in the future

  • Access to the right professionals for every task

  • Peace of mind! We’re your guide to trusted resources who handle the heavy lifting required for recommended upkeep


These common hazards may be lurking in your home.

  • Signature Chaos

    Clogged or dirty dryer vents can lead to inefficient drying and a fire hazard.
  • Signature Chaos

    Small leaks in crawl space, basement or attic that lead to BIG problems over time

  • Signature Chaos

    Clogged gutters leading to drainage problems that can damage siding and cause leaks

  • Signature Chaos

    Expire fire extinguishers not functional when you need them most

    All-Season Coverage. Tailored to Your Needs.

    Explore our most popular services.

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    The Home Guardian

    For proactive homeowners in need of full-year preventative property maintenance.

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    The Home Guardian PLUS

    For homeowners with a property that’s not occupied full time

    The Home Guardian MINI

    Proactive, essential preventative property maintenance

    The INSTANT Home Guardian

    The magic wand to make a home look its best for any special occasion

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    Looking to handle a specific task? Additional services can be added to our Home Guardian plan.

    Our Commitment
    Sets Us Apart

    We believe the secret sauce to keeping homes in tip-top shape is more than extensive knowledge and hands on experience. It’s delivering compassion for the families who entrust us with their safety.

    Our signature home maintenance service includes a thorough 50 point checklist that ensures our customers feel well-served and valued.

    The Halo Origin Story

    As part of a long line of family tradesmen Andy Batresse started his own painting and finishing company. After hundreds of home visits, he discovered that many homeowners were sitting on disasters waiting to happen.

    Alongside skilled business partner and marketing expert, Rose Marie Isowitz, Andy saw an opportunity to use the breadth of his technical expertise to help maintain safe, efficient homes for every customer.

    The business was named in honor of Andy’s beautiful granddaughter, Rosalie, who lost her life to childhood leukemia. We channel her smile and optimistic spirit during every home visit.

    In the News


      • Rosie K.

        Finally, I can enjoy my home without it looking like a daunting to-do list every time I look around! Halo saved me so much time and stress, and helped me prioritize my home maintenance needs. I can’t recommend enough!

      • Brenna

        Power wash and gutter cleaning services were fantastic. They did an excellent job, were so friendly, and I will absolutely be using their services again. Highly recommended!